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Make Accounting Simple

Whether you need to keep track of customer invoices or company bills, integrating Bill.com into Zoho will help you make accounting simpler. Turn a month’s worth of accounting into a few minutes of work.

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With Bill.com and Zoho, it has never been easier to submit invoices to customers. They can be automatically sent through snail mail, email, or paid within the Bill.com network. Empower your staff to submit their own invoices with the confidence that your accounting will stay seamless.

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Knowing which customers have paid and which have not is fundamental information for any CRM. Through integration with Bill.com, not only will you be able to know the status of invoices in each customer record, but you’ll also know the lifetime value of those clients and accounts. Easily manage the data at your fingertips and always be sure that you’re making the best decisions.

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Allow your Zoho users to submit invoices without having access to more robust accounting or reports. With Zoho CRM’s user permissions and Bill.com’s invoicing power, you can rest assured that sensitive information is secure and only seen by those with permission.

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Whether you have a day’s worth of bills or a month’s worth, Bill.com can organize your accounts in only minutes.

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  • Integration with Zoho CRM compatible VOIP system
  • Configuration for call alerts for up to five users
  • Implementation of one call-based automation
  • 100% US Based Staff
  • Complete setup, signup, and testing
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