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Integrate your snail mail with Zoho

Send postcards, forms, letters, and notices to your customers and clients to remind them of upcoming appointments, renewals, and more. Zoho can personalize, automate, and log your important snail mail.

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Postcards are excellent tools for reminding clients about renewals, upcoming appointments, and company notices. Reduce the burden on your company by automating the process and allowing the Postal Methods API to send the mail for you.

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Do you ever find yourself needing to add snail mail to your business processes? Maybe it’s a notice or form. With Postal Methods integration, it can be done with a click.

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Zoho can add an individualized touch to your snail mail’s salutation so your business looks professional every time. Even though your mail may be automated, it doesn’t have to lose the personalized style that makes paper mail special.

Discover a Few of the Ways Zoho Can Help Your Business

From welcome postcards to billing notices and everything in between, Zoho can automate your snail mail communications in a click.

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  • Development of API connection to Postal Methods
  • Addition of mail template
  • Custom made automation guide
  • 100% US Based Staff
  • Complete setup, signup, and testing
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